Tuesday, 18 April 2017

04-17-17 (sim)

Hey guys.  This has, unfortunately, been my only trade of the week.  I've been traveling, and things did not work out so that I could trade yesterday around the open, so I took this one trade in the afternoon.  And then I was out late last night, and I've been speaking a lot in a foreign language, and I just felt mentally today, so I did not trade.  I'm on the road again tomorrow, so it looks like I probably won't trade again until next Monday, when the plan is to do my 8 to 11 am EST Monday through Wednesday, and then early morning trading on Thursday. 

Saturday, 15 April 2017

quick recap

I had just two days to trade this week and netted (+17) ticks.  Next week I've lined up Monday and Tuesday to trade for sure, and the rest of the week will be a little touch and go.  The following week I should have my ideal schedule: Monday - Wednesday 8-11 am EST, Thursday 8-10 am EST, and then Friday kind of a toss up.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

04-13-17 (sim)

Did what I could in the morning, but it didn't pop, and then I had to go.  I missed the main move of the day. (-3)

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

04-12-17 (no trades)

No trades today.  I had a short limit at .49 on the simulator, and it got tapped but not filled.  That might have gotten filled live because I would've been in the queue for a long time.   I can trade with some focus tomorrow until about 10am EST.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

04-11-17 (simulation)

 (+20).  Was away from the computer for the easy trade back long.  Tried to push a little at the end of the day to scalp some more ticks to the high.  Right idea, but slow price action.  I need to practice pushing my winning days a bit.

Monday, 10 April 2017

path to profit (week 12)

Respect loss limits (WIN)
No wild trading  (Fail)
No skipping trades out of fear: (Fail)
Good entries: (Fail)
Logical stop points:  (WIN)
Hold to original target (n/a)
Add to winners (n/a)

Week 01: 2/6 (-40 ticks)
Week 02: 2/6 (+16 ticks) [net: -24]
Week 03: 2/6 (+9 ticks) [net: -15]
Week 04: 2/6 (8 errors; +105 ticks) [net: +90] 3 Well-Behaved days; 2 mostly Well-Behaved days.
Week 05: 2/6 (6 errors; +45) [net: +135]  2 Well-Behaved Days; 2 Not Well-Behaved days
Week 06: 4/6 (more or less errorless; -2 ticks) [net: +133]  No range to work with.
Week 07: 3/6 (3 errors; +55 ticks) [net: +188]
Week 08: 3/6 (4 errors; +44 ticks) [net: +232]
Week 09: 2/6 (4 errors; +101 ticks) [net: +333]
Week 10: 2/6 (5 errors; -51 ticks) [net: +282]
Week 11: 1/6 (5 errors ;-18 ticks) [net: +264]
Week 12: 2/7 (2 errors; -17 ticks) [net: +247]

I'm definitely only going to trade on days when I can do so appropriately (I will be trading tomorrow, for example, though on simulation), and I could not do so today.  The reorganization of my schedule fell through today and I had to take care of a few things.  Hopefully next Monday will go better. 

What I do not want to do is sabotage the gains I've made so far.  I just need some uninterrupted time to focus on the market and sharpen up my skills.

Friday, 7 April 2017

04-07-17 (no trades)

No trades today.   I'm putting my energy into organizing my schedule so that I can focus more on trading in the morning.  I'm strongly considering not trading anymore on days when I have to multi-task during the early hours of the trading day.