Monday, 27 March 2017


I didn't get filled in the pre-market on an entry about ten ticks higher, and then a (Fail to Hold 1X) that happened to work out in my favor.  After I booked that win I closed the charts.  There was more opportunity, but I'm working out of a draw and was happy to erase the last three losing days and start the week with some profit.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

path to profit (week 10)

Respect loss limits (WIN)
No wild trading  (Fail)
No skipping trades out of fear: (Fail)
Logical stop points:  (Fail)

Hold to original target (n/a)
Add to winners (Win)

Week 01: 2/6 (-40 ticks)
Week 02: 2/6 (+16 ticks) [net: -24]
Week 03: 2/6 (+9 ticks) [net: -15]
Week 04: 2/6 (8 errors; +105 ticks) [net: +90] 3 Well-Behaved days; 2 mostly Well-Behaved days.
Week 05: 2/6 (6 errors; +45) [net: +135]  2 Well-Behaved Days; 2 Not Well-Behaved days
Week 06: 4/6 (more or less errorless; -2 ticks) [net: +133]  No range to work with.
Week 07: 3/6 (3 errors; +55 ticks) [net: +188]
Week 08: 3/6 (4 errors; +44 ticks) [net: +232]
Week 09: 2/6 (4 errors; +101 ticks) [net: +333]
Week 10: 2/6 (5 errors;  -51 ticks) [net: +282]

And that, Ladies in Gentlemen, is the difference between live and simulated trading: the friction created by the mind of the trader.  I made more errors than I had in five weeks and had my worst week of the year, after making no errors on simulation and having my best (fake) week of the year.

The major turning points were:

a) Letting an add take me out of a trade that had given me 30 ticks of MFE.  That was my first good trade of the week, and I tried to press to get back to even. 
b) Skipping the best trade of the week out of pure cowardice.
c) Reading the day correctly and then letting a half-tightened stop take me out of the trade.
d) Accumulating all that bad energy and taking a few bad trades.

And yet... and yet... I'm still alive.  I'm in my worst drawdown of the year and feeling a little heat, but professional traders come out of drawdowns, so there's nothing to do but come back on Monday and trade correctly.

Friday, 24 March 2017


Sub-optimized profits (Logical Stops 1X; Wild Trading 1X)

I had the trade of the day, based on a good contextual read, and I put my stop between the conservative and aggressive point to try and split the difference, which just took me out of the trade two ticks from the turn.  I scalped into my target for the trade where I would've added, and then I should've stopped.  But I tried to force two more. 

Thursday, 23 March 2017


Suboptimized profits (Fail to trade 2X)

There was one trade (short) today, that I just wimped out on.  The rest of the day was tough, but that second Fail to Trade was killer.  I intended to put my short trade back on after scalping it out, and I ... just.. didn't.  Psychological problems back with live money mean drawdown.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017


Sub-optimized profits (Logical Stops 1X - I let the add beat me on the best trade).  My last trade of the day was just a planned scalp.  I needed to book a win, as I came back live and went straight into drawdown.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017


I was looking in the right direction, but took two stop outs in the live market before taking a third trade the wrong way on sim.  Once that trade failed I was pretty sure the market was a short but I had already hit as much as I lose on any given day (it was actually my worst day of the year live: -24 ticks) and I didn't want to degrade my habits by trading past max risk on simulation, so I stopped.  No defined management errors, though I should've been short earlier on both of my entries, especially the second trade.  I should ultimately figure out a way to grade my entry efficiency.

I'm not taking any more simulation trades.  I know what I'm trying to do.

Monday, 20 March 2017

03-20-17 (sim)

I was crossed up all day today.  Context said short (for a variety of reasons), but short term trend said long.  Short term trend usually wins, though by waiting for valid reversals, you can minimize the damage. I was the weak hand on the last long, which was good for a scalp up. (-11)

I'm trading live tomorrow.